At SCHNACK ARCHIVE we design, curate and sell the best quality furniture, interior objects and art we can find that matches our universe and values. We source to only use the best materials, crafters and suppliers in order to offer extraordinary items to our clients. 

All items throughout the collections is personally selected by Nadia herself to secure her signature eclectic and timeless taste is passed rightfully on to our clients through our variety of designs.

Our collections at SCHNACK ARCHIVE mainly focus on antique and vintage items from the time period of the early 1900 to the 1970’s, as they are often created by craftsmanship and quality that is truly remarkable to come across even today. Therefore our contemporary design pieces are also chosen very carefully with a guarantee that they meet our criteria of quality, craftsmanship and tactility. 

“I always mix new furniture and lighting with vintage items to create a dynamic interplay and add depth and warmth to a room.” 


SCHNACK ARCHIVES area of expertise and signature design, is the very distinctive mix of patterns, coloring and transformation from a vintage find to a timeless item. As Nadia finds her items either at auctions in mainly Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, a long with the local flea market or travels, the love story between the two begins. 

Our philosophy of design development, is of course based upon renewal towards better solutions and new thinking, but we always create with respect for what has come before us. If we can preserve details and build upon the crafts that has been done, we would always choose to do so, for both environmental reasons as well as respect.

Therefore when we have the gorgeous items arrive we taken them to the cabinet maker where we go through each object to see what needs to be done. Some are sent to the upholsterer and others are in mint condition. Some are shipped off to the painter for a personal touch. It’s a journey of care and love for each item, that adds on to their already amazing stories to be told.